won’t somebody pray for me?

Junior year of high school my AP English teacher assigned the class Milton’s Paradise Lost. As a fun activity, we were split into two groups in order to argue whether in the epic poem Satan was a hero or villain. My best friend at the time was assigned to the “Satan is a villain” group … Continue reading won’t somebody pray for me?

my name is lourdes.

When Mami told me she was keeping a notebook full of her favorite memories I asked myself, “She writes?” Never in my 22 years of life have I seen Mami write anything other than the occasional phone number on the wall calendar or her name where indicated on important forms. I’ve seen her shaky handwriting. … Continue reading my name is lourdes.

observations from a 23 year old woman sitting alone at a bar.

As I sit here, surrounded by faces I’ve never seen, I can’t help but think about the following: 1. We all believe we are God’s gift to humanity. Even if you are an atheist like myself. We are special. We are unique. You will never meet anyone like me. But, what makes you so special? … Continue reading observations from a 23 year old woman sitting alone at a bar.

Where Did We Go Wrong?

Was it the day I rejected you when you were ready? Was it the time I laughed when you confided your insecurities? Was it my inability to sense your vulnerabilities? Was it your disdain for my fantasy concept of romance? Did we go wrong by ignoring our fundamental differences? Was love not enough for us … Continue reading Where Did We Go Wrong?

509 Days

509 days have passed since the day I told you I have no more fight in me. I told you I was miserable, that I could no longer feign a relationship that existed upon potential and hope. I shamed you for being detached and uncaring. I tore apart your character, blamed your inability to love … Continue reading 509 Days

we’re so connected yet disconnected.

You can text, call, e-mail, or FaceTime me. You can hop into my Twitter or Instagram DM’s. If you’re feeling frisky, you can even Snapchat me. So many avenues lead to my destination yet we lack communication. So, where’s the disconnect? “Sorry, I’ve been busy.” Empty apologies that are expected to lessen the blow of our … Continue reading we’re so connected yet disconnected.