Never mind what they said we could not do,
where they said we could not go,
who they said we could not be;
we are wild dandelions growing out of the cracks of society.

Even if neglected by sunlight,
we will nurture our own development,
we will blossom into our potential,
we will sway with the wind
until we uproot and float towards the direction of liberation.

Ultimately landing in a glade
where we will no longer be despised,
where our existence will no longer be cursed,
where we will no longer have to struggle for survival,
we will plant ourselves and wait
like the forgotten seed
until we emerge from who we were
​and transform into who we will be.

words of encouragement from an indebted graduate

It’s Thursday and you’re sitting at your corner office thinking about which student loan repay option would be best for you. The suggested monthly payment amount is $481.43. You think about how $481.43 is practically one week’s pay. There’s an option that allows you to input how much you can comfortably pay monthly. You type in $0.00.
You Google “deferment.” You Google “forbearance.” You don’t understand either term so you Google “deferment vs. forbearance.” You graduated from your big-name university six months ago and you’re currently struggling to stay afloat. You pay your rent on time. On the 15th of every month the payments for the car you only drive on the weekends, because you decided you wanted to work in New York City instead of being pragmatic, are taken out whether or not the funds are there. After paying for your Smartlink Card and half of your cable bill in hopes of keeping Comcast happy, you hope that you have enough money left over to go buy groceries. You’re living on a tight budget. Any event has the potential of being a costly event. Money is tight and the thought of having to pay $481.43 monthly to repay your education makes you regret ever getting an education.

To some, landing a job shortly after graduating sounds unrealistic. To others, landing a job [within your major] shortly after graduating is a blessing. You feel as though you have dodged the “9 months since I’ve graduated and I still can’t find a job” bullet.

You are defying all odds. Continue reading