On Equality

Man endures pain as an undeserved punishment; woman accepts it as a natural heritage. – Anonymous

The history of women is that of a romance and horror: albeit highly coveted and upheld as the bearer of life and all that is gentle and kind, her history is comprised of systematic oppression, degradation and continuous abuse on both a micro and macro level. The history of woman cannot be told without accounting for centuries of pain and suffrage at the hands of her male counterpart who assumed the role of superior. Continue reading


Never mind what they said we could not do,
where they said we could not go,
who they said we could not be;
we are wild dandelions growing out of the cracks of society.

Even if neglected by sunlight,
we will nurture our own development,
we will blossom into our potential,
we will sway with the wind
until we uproot and float towards the direction of liberation.

Ultimately landing in a glade
where we will no longer be despised,
where our existence will no longer be cursed,
where we will no longer have to struggle for survival,
we will plant ourselves and wait
like the forgotten seed
until we emerge from who we were
​and transform into who we will be.